Too far?

I was reading this article posted on ARS Technica yesterday. It showed a Google home page that had its content hijacked by the local ISP, Rogers Communications and Rogers specific content was added to the Google page as it passed through the Rogers servers. The purpose of this particular occurrence seems to be pretty benign, but the potential of what this ability could do to internet content everywhere is unbelievable. This has spawned a Toronto Star article where supposedly Google has noticed and is looking in to resolving the issue.
You can kind of understand why Rogers may want to do such a thing for the purpose shown in the article but if any ISP really wanted to, they could sell such abilities to the highest bidder, then all of the content we see everyday is completely controlled by whom-ever bids the most. They could forceable deny access to porn, or even to any website through such abilities. They could restrict what images you see and what behaviors are possible. They could, for the most part control everything you see or do in a web browser on the internet and who’s to say that they also couldn’t discern stuff from you, like credit card information (although that kind of stuff is encrypted). They could embed javascript onto your page that key-logged everything you entered onto a page.
I’m not sure what bothers me most about this, the fact that someone came up with the idea and implemented it or that now that it has been shown to be possible, who else make take complete advantage of it and completely corrupt the internet as we know it. I think this is a bad thing.
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One Response to “Too far?”

  1. LOTGK Says:

    Big brother is already watching us. Seriously.
    And yes, I foresee major change in Internet access in the next five years. It will become the new television, with access everywhere, with commercials, and pay for programming sites.
    The networks are already experimenting with it, and Tivo is the next generation. For a small fee, you will be able to watch what you want, when you want, how many times you want, if the network provider also allows it…..

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