Parents Beware: What Kids Post on Social Networks Could Cost You Your Job

Kids are learning that what they post on social networks could come back to haunt them. But now it’s haunting their parents as well. What kids post about their parents on social networks (like, “Not only do I have to live with my nagging mom, my dad does drugs.”) is being discovered by their employers, police, etc.

I hate to say I told ya so, but I told ya so. I knew this was going to happen.

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6 Responses to “Parents Beware: What Kids Post on Social Networks Could Cost You Your Job”

  1. Phil Says:

    My placement officer at school told us to make our social networking sites private because HR departments are using interns to screen them for all applicants.

  2. lotgk Says:

    Big Brother is watching but with a twist. Citizens are voluntarily permitting personal information to be transmitted and the government is laughing all the way to the central database.

  3. lotgk Says:

    And Phil, tried to surf over to your site, it wouldn’t let me. Are you set to private only?

  4. Chica Says:

    Whoever was nieve enough to think it wouldn’t, needs a slap upside the head..

  5. dooohhead Says:

    Ya lotgk I believe I am set to private…lol
    Around here at work we’re always making fun of each other about the Facebook apps we all belong to, or not. Not only is all of your information stored/shown from the main Facebook servers, but each company that puts out an app that you subsequently subscribe to, also has all of your information. People when they join up and see how easy it is to do everything, just have fun doing it without thinking of the repercussions.
    I kinda like the way the internet used to be, with that bit of annonymity. You could be as anonymous as you wanted to be, or not, but you had more or less full control of what and to whom you divulged information to. In a way, now you don’t.

  6. LOTGK Says:

    The 1990’s, the good old Internet days….

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