Ubuntu – Gutsy Gibbon

Ubuntu 7.10 - Coming soon

I was able to upgrade Ubuntu on my home computer last night, even though the entire rest of the world was also trying to do the same thing. I changed my default sources location to the one that for me was the fastest. When you go in to change that, there is a detect button that checks every source location and finds and sets the one that is the fastest for you. That made a huge difference this time, compared to the upgrade to Fiesty.

The rest of the upgrade went fine. It took a few hours to download and install everything. It prompted me about wanting to replace certain custom configuration changes that I’ve made, but for the most part I told it to leave everything as it was. After the reboot everything looked great except that my dual monitor setup wasn’t working. I was pleased to see that it had detected that there were two monitors there, but when I attempted to make any changes from that point on, everything was screwed. No matter what I did I could not get a nice flashy screen working again. After several reboots and reconfiguration attempts I rebooted and started up a different older kernel. That worked for me! I was able to get back to my 1280×1024 resolution, but only on one monitor. I’ll figure out the dual monitors thing later. Everything looks fine so far. I haven’t had much opportunity to do much though, but so far it looks good. The flashy wavy windows are fun to play with.
I checked to see if I could still connect to my work but for some reason something has changed in Kvpnc and what I previously had configured and working, now doesn’t. I checked to see if my printer was still there, and it was but I didn’t try printing anything yet. I also checked to see if my scanner was configured, and it was as well so thats a relief. I haven’t tried all of my apps yet to see if anything else stopped working but if the games that my wife plays all work, then I’ll be happy.

If you have the chance to use or upgrade to “Gutsy Gibbon”, I say go for it. About the only thing I could ask for is a new computer to run it on…oh maybe some day.


2 Responses to “Ubuntu – Gutsy Gibbon”

  1. Aidan Dixon Says:

    I also have the kvpnc problem with 7.10. In fact not only could I not connect but also all my previous profiles (all PPTP-based) disappeared and I had to recreate them. Had to use XP (ick!) to connect to work instead.

    Apart from that, everything else seems better.

  2. seegleburt Says:

    I’ve been using it for a few months now. Recently i overwrote the vista on my new sony laptop with it. I cant seem to get the second monitor, eth0, or eth1 to work (ie the internet). Not sure what the deal is. Any ideas?

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