Things I did

Things I did this weekend:

  • Cut the grass with my new lawn tractor. It took me less than an hour. Previously it would take me 3-4 hours over two days. Oh but this weekend it took me slightly longer. I ran out of gas when I was just about done, so I had to go into town (Elmsdale) to get more, otherwise it would have actually taken me less than an hour.
  • Put up new Tiffany style wall scones (2). Had some trouble with these. The brackets inside of them were a little strange and didn’t fit perfectly. Once I got them up, the shape of the metal arms, on each of them were slightly different. Denice adjusted the Tiffany lampshades a bit and they seemed to be OK.
  • Put up new Tiffany style overhead light. It was a little tricky to put up because I had to rig up a hook to hold the lamp up close to the electrical box, so that I could wire it, other than that it was easy to put up.
  • I put on a new screen door handle on the main door we use to enter the house. The old one was worn out and wouldn’t hold the door closed in a strong wind storm. The new one seemed to be made for a thicker door than what we have, so I ended up having to cut the screws that hold it together. I took more than an inch off of them! Now it will hold the door securely but everyone else is complaining that its difficult to close. Tough! Its nice and tight…that’s the way we like it! LOL
  • Went out for chinese food at a local restaurant. As usual the food was excellent. We brought what remained home with us and ended up eating it for dinner on Sunday.
  • I resurrected my taxi service, taking my son to work several times.
  • I replaced the taps in the bathroom as well as in the kitchen. These kinds of jobs always seem easier in theory than in actuality. Well, they are easy to do, whats difficult is being able to do what it is you need to do. First you have to clean out from under the sink. We had/have so much stuff under there, that doing this was a chore unto itself. Dismantling the old stuff can be challenging because that’s when you see how difficult it is going to be to put the new stuff back on. So I got everything put back together, lifted the counter top back on, put the drain pipe together, turned the water on and notice right away that the drain in the bathroom was leaking. Apparently I was missing the compression ring that is used between the drain pipe and the sink. I ended up using some recently purchased “plumbers putty”. Damn that stuff is great! Its like Play Dough but thicker and drier in consistency, but the more you “play with it”, the softer and more pliable it becomes. I put that in place of the compression ring and everything was good to go. Oh and in the kitchen the new taps more or less fit in without any problems other than the connection points weren’t as long as the previous one. This turned out to be a problem because the plastic pipes under the sink wouldn’t reach in the same manner as they were previously installed. The result is now that the taps (hot and cold) are reversed. There was no way around this. All of the stores were already closed, so going to get some new stuff was out of the question. I changed the labels of the taps, so it will have to do.

At the end of the day…I had a well deserved (if I do say so myself!) scotch on the rocks


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