Doooh Head

Quick Update

Starting the end of July, up to now

  • Bought new truck (well actually a few months prior)
  • Bought new pop-up tent trailer (ok a month prior)
  • Bought new fridge, stove (ok a week prior)
  • Took camper to Newfoundland
  • Missed a bomb-scare as soon as we got there
  • Unable to find a vacancy in any hotels/motels, slept in truck 
  • Met up with daughter at work in Gander
  • Setup trailer in their yard
  • Met grandparents of her soon to be spouse
  • Went to the beach for the day
  • Rain causes canopy on trailer to collapse
  • Tropical storm plows through St. John’s area, causes disaster areas, luckily we weren’t there (yet).  In Gander.
  • Fix canopy.
  • Bought daughter new used computer, storm killed their power supply.
  • Preparations for wedding.
  • Daughter gets married, walked her down the aisle.
  • Last one standing (from “our” side of the family) at the reception.  Cleaned up the hall.
  • Packed up camper and Mother in Law, drove to St. John’s area.
  • Had difficult time locating campsite (it was dark and very very remote).
  • Campsite was a parking lot (laughed our asses off!).
  • Incredible view at Tors Bay!
  • Wind further mutilates canopy, have to tie it down to the picnic table.
  • Goto St. John’s area, visit Cape Spear (most easterly spot in Canada) and Signal Hill (Marconi, etc)
  • Packup and drive back to Gander, stay in hotel.  Visit grandparents one final time.
  • Drove to Gros Mourne National Park, located campsite.  Was actual campsite, had nice evening around the fire.
  • Rain all next day, did some touring around.  Got wet.
  • Packed up camper one final time, drove to Port au Basque to get on ferry the next day.  Stayed in motel.
  • Got up early, ferry to leave by 09:00.  There at 07:30, found out ferry won’t be in until 14:00!  Waited all day.
  • Got to Nova Scotia at dusk, missed seeing anything.  Drove home.
  • Took Mother in Law to the airport for flight back to Toronto.
  • Back to work, need another vacation.
  • Cut the almost three foot high grass, half finish, rained alot since.
  • Satellite service cut back, no movies…must find something else to do.
  • Pickup futon from coworker who is moving.
  • Took wedding videos in to be converted to DVD.
  • Finally get around to painting new spare bedroom, soon to be computer room and 2nd spare bedroom.
  • Wedding DVD’s ready to pickup.
  • Write blog catch up.
  • Done!

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