Real Men Love the Fifth Element

I came across this guys blog this morning (see link below). If you’ve never seen the movie, read the article, he explains most of it but to get a better understanding of what he’s talking about, see the movie. I own it on DVD. I haven’t watched it in awhile, I think I will again soon. One of the commenters on this says that whenever he sees it on TV he has to watch it. I’m this way with this movie as well. Its fun, its entertaining, its got lots of action as well as the occasional boobie-shot. I like the science-fiction of it. The vehicles, the city, the technology, the people/aliens everything is just so different and in some ways wondrous to watch. The Opera singing scene is just incredible. That one scene was way too short. Watching the additional stuff that comes on the DVD I found out that the lady doing the singing was actually the directors wife (or something like that). Like most people who watch this movie, and likely who aren’t necessarily into Opera per se, like me, enjoy that scene. Her performance sends chills up your spine and they made it will this up-tempo modernistic beat, once she gets going. Check it out here:

Link to Real Men Love the Fifth Element

2 Responses to “Real Men Love the Fifth Element”

  1. Phil Says:

    You know I LOVE the Fifth Element. My favorite quote is when Bruce gets all Brooklyn and yells “He KNOWS it’s a Multipass”

  2. LOTGK Says:

    Milla Jojovich, she is one hot woman for sure. Resident Evil, Ultraviolet. Very hot.

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