A Descent Into Madness

Recently I created a CD of a variety of music. There was no thought put to getting and putting certain music into any particular order, necessarily, but I am pleased with the outcome. I have been listening to this CD in the car on my drives into work over the past few days. For some reason it “speaks” to me. I have given it a title, “A Descent Into Madness”. I’ve come up with a story that follows some poor soul named Carl who loses all touch with reality and descends into his own madness. To me the music and this particular sequence of songs demonstrates his journey.

[01] 5th Dimension – The Age of Aquarius

This first song represents how life for most people starts out, pretty well. You can imagine while listening to this song that the sun is shining bright in the sky and everything is good. People are happy and dancing around. Its a simple time. Its a fun time. For Carl it may be the beginning of his happy life, or the end. In any case the future looks bright for Carl. Young, vibrant and perhaps a little naive

[02] Deee Lite – Groove Is In The Heart

I like this song. Its got a nice up to date beat. You can tell from listening to this song that the musicians had alot of fun making it. For Carl it represents a time when he’s getting out into the world, having some fun, perhaps meeting new people. Just enjoying himself and life in general.

[03] Beck – Loser

The lyrics for this song are just sick. You have to really listen to appreciate them. Carl, being out in the world for a bit now is noticing that things aren’t always as nice and naive as he previously thought things were. People seem nice on the outside, but hidden within Carl is noticing something else. He’s not sure what it is, but something doesn’t seem right. Everything seems not quite so bright and cheerie anymore.

[04] Danko Jones – Bounce

The beat for this song is good with a little bit of heavy metal showing from it. Carl seems to be going into a new and darker world with people whom he thought were previously nice, like him, but Carl is leading the way towards something else. He’s doing new things now, things he never thought of doing before with people he never thought he’d be doing things with. Society seems different now, more “worldly” somehow. He both likes the way things are progressing and is afraid of it. Unsure of what next week may hold for him.

[05] CellDweller – Switchback

The beat is darker, more sinister. Carl is realizing that he’s perhaps gone too far. There is no turning back from where he currently is. He’s in the middle of something that he can’t stop, nor control.

[06] Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Dreams

A Little light beat, not as heavy and fearsome. The foreboding fear in Carl is increasing. He’s remembering a time when things seemed nice and was simple. People actually liked each other, but now he’s realizing he may be in all of this by himself. Not able to turn back and revisit his past, only able to stumble forward, relentlessly hoping things don’t get worse. The calm before the proverbial storm? Can he turn things around…of course, there is always hope.

[07] Danko Jones – Forget My Name

This song just feels dark and mean. Thats where Carl is now. He doesn’t know who he is anymore. He has no past. He’s stumbling towards some deep dark bastion of the nether world. He knows not where he is heading, nor how he got there but is fighting for everything he owns, and is.

[08] Nine Inch Nails – The Hand That Feeds

How could any music compilation NOT have a NIN song in it? NIN songs always seem pretty sinister to me, regardless of the beat or the tone of the music. Carl is now fighting for his very existence. Everything he does is a struggle now. Is there any such thing as loyalty?

[09] Nickleback – Animals

This song is crazy, fast, powerful and strong. Carl realizes he’s living in a dog eat dog world. No time to think, just react. Reality, as it is, is being forced upon him, its neither good nor nice, just the way it is.

[10] Evanescence – Bring Me To Life

This song starts out nice and calm, transcends to a much deeper darker place then ends with a calming unsatisfied kick in the head. Carl continues his fight. He wishes for those simpler times. He’s reaching out to society, asking for help, but he’s gone too far. He’s beyond any normal assistance. No one can help him anymore, he has to fix things for himself.

[11] Dio – Holy Diver

This song is old school. Dio’s songs sometimes always have some religious implications to them, not this one. This one is of a struggle, perhaps one Carl must also face. Carl is searching for help, in any place he can find it. As the name of this song suggests, maybe the path he must take is one he has not sought out before. A Holy man, a religious man. No, thats just a representation of what he must actually do, struggle even harder, to fight to get back to what and who he used to be.

[12] Trews – Not Ready To Go

This song has a light tone to it. I like this song. We saw the Trews in concert in PEI last year. For Carl this epitomizes his resolve to not let himself end up in the ditch, a dead reclusive nobody. The fight is on.

[13] Peter Gabriel – Shock The Monkey

This is another old school song that has a nice dark feeling to it. Its a reality check for Carl. He had hoped it would be easy to get back from where he currently is, this lets him know it won’t be that easy.

[14] AC/DC – What Do You Do For Money Honey

AC/DC, need I say any more? Carl is back, but now his perspective on things is not what it used to be. Being naive is a long lost idea that has no reality in his current world. His morals, if any have survived, are being tested on a regular basis. Can he do it? Can he recover? He seems to be back, but is still living on the edge between what is and was right and good in this world and what has been his reality for a long long time. A living hell!

[15] INXS – Pretty Vegas

Nice up-tempo beat. Like the song, like the band, but where are there now? Haven’t heard any more of their songs. Carl is back. He’s starting over. Not as a naive youngster but as a fully-aware apostle of the real world. Society is welcoming him back. He’s out and about, moving around, doing stuff that doesn’t entail killing or having encounters that shouldn’t be seen let alone participate in. He has survived his terrible ordeal, on the brink of madness and beyond but things are definitely looking up.

[16] Cars – Let The Good Times Roll

This song is a true classic. I remember when this song came out. I can picture Carl sitting on his deck, enjoying a beer with some friends with whom he has been reconnected with after years of being on no ones radar. He’s relaxed, he’s having a good time again, but not in a naive young manner, but one fought with age and experience. One that only growing up and surviving can give you.

[17] David Wilcox – Downtown Came Uptown

Music from David Wilcox is always a nice experience. I get the feeling that Carl is branching out now. He’s being influenced in another way. He’s sophisticated. He’s doing well for himself, he has a nice job, nicer richer friends. He’s seeing things he hasn’t seen before, from a different societal perspective. One of the upper crust.

[18] The Knack – My Sharona

Is the Knack a one-hit-wonder? This is only song I know of theirs. All I can say about this for Carl’s sake is it represents the new woman in his life. Not some rank drug-infused slut from the streets that he was previously associated with, but a nice girl. Of course though, this also represents other troubles that are happening, with her. The only good thing is that he is mentally able to handle such disturbances without going over the deep-end.

[19] Sir Mix Alot – Baby Got Back

RAP? WTF? This song is great! The beat is amazing, the content is…well…questionable but it has the best “scratching” (?) I’ve ever heard. And now, who doesn’t like a big round butt anyways?

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