Do you dream, in the colour green?

As I was laying in bed last night, thinking about the post I did extolling the benefits of ibuprofen with regards to my sleep ability and thinking that maybe I was mistaken, my legs were throbbing in pain.  I had taken my pills and went off to bed early.  I realize now that the throbbing was likely caused by the weather, its been raining here lately.  In any case I fell asleep without any further concern about my legs (or back) and actually woke up during a weird but pleasant dream.

My dreams whenever I do have them always seem full of detail.  I always hear about people wondering if you dream in colour or not.  I guess I’ve always dreamed in colour, usually with allot of detail so its difficult for me to imagine a dream NOT in colour.

Last nights dream found me in the middle of some back-ass redneck fishing type location.  I was with some old friends from high school (whom I really couldn’t say who they were in real life) and we were going fishing.  The two of them gather up all of the gear and throw it into a boat, and before I could climb in, they’re off.  I wasn’t left behind and I wasn’t upset about it.  It was like it was planned.  I was left behind with all of the spouses but it was my duty to bring with me the beer keg that was sitting there.  What was strange was this was a keg, contained within a nice bar setup, the keg underneath and a tap on the top.  I remember thinking after I woke up, “how the hell was I supposed to transport this full keg and bar to where we were going?”.  Then all of the women were gone and this small Kia-type of SUV pulls up.  This was my ride.  Immediately I wonder how the bar is going to fit into this SUV.  After pulling up the driver is out of the vehicle, along with two other “big guys” and they’re pulling stuff out of the back like golf clubs and such.  All of sudden I’m lifting this entire bar, which magically resizes itself to be about the size of a small cooler.  I give it to the driver, he jams it into the back and the other stuff is piled back in and he closes the back door.  I move around to the passenger side of the vehicle and I stand there wondering how the hell I am going to fit into this vehicle, as there is already about a dozen people in it.  In the back seat people are already doubled-up, sitting on each other and otherwise just crammed in there.  Then I woke up.  Now how messed up is that? 

I think if ever I was to analyze my dreams, the common, recurring theme of my dreams always seems to be of incompletion.  My dreams always seem to take place in some nice/interesting situation but I never see that situation actually occur or transpire.  I always wake up before I…get to the fishing and drinking part (of this dream, in this case).  Hmmm, makes me wonder what my dreams are telling me…Is there something in my life that is incomplete?  Hmmm.


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