Sleep on it

I have made the most incredible discovery! Yes, ladies and gentlemen you will hear it now, how I discovered the most amazing secrete held by man today. The secret to getting a goods night sleep is…wait for it……drum roll please…IBUPROFEN! Yes, you heard it here first, folks. It helps you sleep!

For years I have complained about not being able to sleep very well. At first it was because of the mattress that we had. About a year or so after we bought it, I started to be very uncomfortable in bed. Tossing and turning. My wife started complaining about my snoring too. I started sleeping on my sides but for a long time I continued to toss and turn. For awhile I slept on the spare bed in another room just as an experiment to determine if it was in fact a problem with the bed or not. It wasn’t. For the first few days it was ok then the same problems seemed to happen. I would be laying there on my back, then I would start to get a pain in my back, so I would end up rolling over onto my side and inevitably toss and turn all night long. I would wake up feeling like I was in a wrestling match all night long, one that I obviously felt like I lost at, too. I then started to attribute all of this to my pillow. We bought many a pillow and again at the beginning of their usable life-span everything would be fine but eventually it all got back to the same problem, the pain in my back.

About a year ago I bought one of those “magic-foam”mattress toppers to go on the bed. My wife couldn’t stand it. She started complaining about a sore back almost right away so we folded it in half and for all of this time I have been sleeping on this elevated mattress topper and for the most part sleep was better but I still tossed and turned all night. Recently I woke up and I could barely move my right arm. I must have pinched a nerve or something, so I tried to alter the way I slept. Instead of sleeping on my right side I tried to stay sleeping on my left side. Nothing worked, my now numb arm persisted over an entire weekend. Out of frustration one evening I pulled the mattress topper off and slept on the bed without it. At first I found I was ok to sleep on the bed without the topper, but the second night I discovered that my back pain was back, but that my arm was feeling better, so I continued to sleep that way, without the topper on the bed. Then came the amazing discovery. I went to take some Tylenol before bed, as I had a headache but found out that we were out. My wife mentioned that there was a sample pack of some Advil and that I should try that, so I did.

Those Advil, along with one of those goofy looking (but very thorough) Breathe-right strips allowed me to have the best night of sleep i’ve had in years. I slept through the night and don’t remember tossing and turning, if at all. My back wasn’t sore, or stiff and I actually felt good when I woke up! We have since purchased some generic ibuprofen and I took some last night after cutting the grass, before bed and again today I woke up feeling great! I now attribute my lack of sleep not to a problem with the bed, the pillow or the mattress topper, but due to the fact that during the night my back muscles tightened up and thats what caused my discomfort. The ibuprofen has now relaxed my back muscles and thus removed the back pain I was having. So now I am able to sleep in my bed, with my wife, at the same level (without the mattress topper) and am feeling great about it.

Its a miracle! I’m baaack!


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