Yesterday was my birthday but before I describe what we did last night I have to present you with this pic:

My sister just turned 40 three days before my birthday. This pic is of her and her friends, all of whom are about the same age (ha ha, I had to add that in!).

So, yesterday. My birthday. I get a call from my wife asking when I can leave work and if I can leave right away. It was about 16:30. Of course I was right in the middle of something with one of the other developers right then, so I couldn’t leave right away. When I finally do leave, I get out into the car and the traffic was horrendous. I don’t know why, I think most of the problems with the traffic around here is caused by the various radio stations. They mention that one of the bridges has some construction or maybe even an accident near it and the entire traffic pattern changes to use the other bridge, which affects traffic trying to get out of the downtown core area. What is normally a 5 minute drive from where I park to the bridge was a 35 minute venture yesterday. I called my wife to find out what she was up to and she told me that she had arranged for us to go golfing and that I was to meet them at the golf course instead of going home. She was bringing my clubs and even a pair of shorts for me to wear. You have to realize that my wife has never held a golf club yet alone been golfing, so this was going to be something interesting. I get to the golf course, its just one of those 9 hole “executive” type of golf courses, which is a perfect place for her to learn how to golf. So we get all of the gear for her and my son, and its after 18:00 so its pretty quiet out there which again is perfect because she’s never hit a golf ball off of a tee before, so I was very wary about holding up other players, but there weren’t too many around, so again perfect. I show her how to set things up and try to help her with her swing. She didn’t hit a long ball, but she put it out there. My son was having some difficulties too, but eventually we got out into the fairway. Thats when it hit us. We were inundated with bugs. Not just a few black flies here and there, but hoards of them, swarms even. At first we ignored them as much as possible, but by the fourth hole we realized they weren’t in any way letting up regardless of how much wind there was, or not. It eventually took the fun out of what we were doing. I could tell that my wife was willing to stick it out if I really wanted to but my son was having a bad time with it all and I could tell she was too, so instead of hitting our balls on the fourth hole we cut across a few fairways and walked off the course. I’ve been out in the bush in alot of different places throughout this huge fricken country of ours, but I have never experienced such an infestation of black flies as that. Where ever you turned there was a black cloud of flies right in your face. It really destroyed any fun we were trying to have. So we left. The guy at the clubhouse was pretty good about it all though and he gave us some rainchecks so that we could come back and try it again, hopefully when the flies aren’t so bad. Who knows, maybe we will go back, if my wife still has an interest.

So we left the golf course and went to our favorite wing place. It wasn’t wing night but its a place that we like to go to. We get in there, sit down and are about to order some drinks and wings when the waitress tells us that the kitchen is already closed. We were a little disappointed so we left and went to another local restaurant. My wife had in tow with her, a birthday present and a cake, so where ever we decided to go, our desert was going to be cake. We order, and for some reason I wasn’t in the mood for any alcohol, so I just had some water. I order some lasagna and was a little surprised to discover when it came, that it didn’t have any lasagna noodles in it. It was “Lasagna el fornio” or something like that. Does that mean “no lasagna noodles”? I don’t know, it was ok I guess. We left and I ended up driving my son over to one of his “girlfriends” place, apparently it was her birthday too, and they were having a backyard bonfire. He was well prepared with many packages of marshmallows from his previous party weekend (oh I never did write about that…doooh!). So when I finally got home it was well after 22:00! I was tired and actually wasn’t feeling too well from dinner. Maybe it was the food or just being over-full, not sure which. We watched a bit of TV before going off to bed. We listened to several phone messages from my Mother and sister calling about my birthday, but it was too late to call them back, plus I was too tired. So there’s a day in my life. Pretty exciting stuff eh?

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