Lucky 13?

I didn’t sleep too well this past saturday. I woke up early sunday morning. I wasn’t in a state to do too much. I did some sudoku then turned on the TV and promptly fell asleep. I finally got up and went downstairs to see what was happening on this interweb. I was checking out movie schedules and decided that I might go see a movie, since it was fathers day. My son had to work, but my wife and I hadn’t been to a movie for quite awhile. The rest of the members of the household started to awaken and eventually I got my “Happy Jackass Day” card. My wife came down and we decided that we would go see “Oceans 13”. My son wanted to go, but he had to work, plus the bonus for us was that he had a lift there, so we got dressed and left right away so that we could be at the theatre for the first showing of the day. That would leave us with the rest of the afternoon to do whatever we wanted.

We got to the theatre with minutes to spare. My wife had a coupon that she had gotten from Air Miles with included not only the two tickets, but two drinks and a large popcorn. We got into the theatre and the previews had already started, so we didn’t miss any of the movie. We realized as we were heading towards the theatre, and I don’t know if the theatre had planned this or not, but the movie, “Oceans 13” was being played in theatre #13 (of a multi-plex) I chuckled at that one.

The movie was pretty good. I enjoyed the first two. This one saw alot of characters from the previous movies (aside from Oceans crew). I kept pointing this one guy out to my wife and asked her if she recognized him. She said he was familiar but didn’t know from where. As the movie unfolded, that one character’s purpose in the movie became clear, at least to me, and as it actually transpired I laughed at the obviousness of it all. Of course as is true of the previous two movies, everything gets revealed in one final shot as it is being presented to the bad-guy of the movie. It was different, but very much the same as the other two. If you enjoyed the first two movies you’ll enjoy this one too.

After the movie we hit the local Wal-mart, bought some stuff then went to Spring Garden road in downtown Halifax and walked around, taking in the “flavour” of the area. We then walked through the public gardens again taking in the aromas. All in all a nice Sunday.

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