A blog for a saturday, how rare. Well I had to try out some new blogging software that I recently installed.

I’ve had a pretty busy day so far today and for once I don’t have to go and pick Joe up from work. Joe works with a kid whose mother works with Denice, so Denice and her made some sharing arrangement, I took her kid and Joe to work this afternoon, and she is going to bring them home tonight. I guess we’ll be doing the same thing tomorrow as well.

So, what’s been going on lately. Work has been pretty crazy. Everyone is working hard trying to accomplish their goals for the end of June. We have a huge deadline, our next major release is to go into final preparations for release I believe some time in July. Its been a major rewrite of the entire system as well as the UI. I wish I could say I was apart of that but I’ve only done bits and pieces here and there, no new features. Most of my work is now doing customer configurations and anything database related. Both of those two things though are keeping me busy enough.

At home recently…Last weekend we took our new tent trailer camping. We didn’t go far, about 15-20 minutes away and we only went for one night but it was enough to say we actually went camping. We took the dogs with us, Joe was working. We spent alot of time taking the dogs for walks, checking out the campground at the same time. They had a pool and some mini golf and was actually located right beside a golf course. Denice isn’t into golfing, but if she’s open to it, maybe sometime I’ll take her, see if she likes it.

Its what we came home to that following day that will entail a whole blog entry all on its own.


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