This is a quick note to all, that today is, I am told, the last day that anyone here in Canada will be able to listen to their music channels at Its a sad day. A worldwide internet music service is being stifled by unbelievable American legislation, simply because the company resides in the US. I suggested to the owners of Pandora that they should move their business to a country where the words “land of the free” actually has some semblance of ringing true and attempt to continue to offer their supreme service to the rest of the world.

It bothers me that they are being forced to comply with rules and regulations that affect other (non-internet based) radio stations whose audience is constrained to the confines of the US but that Pandora, being internet-only based, whose audience extends the boundary of the borders of the US to the rest of the world, must also comply. It doesn’t make any sense, but what does these days coming from the US (sorry my fellow Americans).


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