A quickie

Sorry, I have to try to spit this out as fast as I can. I just received an email from Pandora, an online music listening site that is way more than just “radio”. They are being subjected to some outlandish government policy which may end in their demise. The email they sent asked for my assistance in doing something against this new policy (please goto this link and sign their petition here, if you can) but, and thats what this entry is about, I can’t help in any way shape or form, simply because it is an American policy and I’m not American.

So whats bothering me about this is that a global, worldwide enterprise, “the Internet”, in this case is being put under the “protection” of the American government only and not by the entire world who has access to, and uses Pandora over the internet. How did this occur? Why should what I listen to be subjected to policies by the government of the United States? What if those policies don’t agree with what is common in my country or any other country in the world? Its wrong.

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One Response to “A quickie”

  1. Phil McCracken Says:

    I signed off on one. I like internet radio and I don’t want it to vanish.

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