Yet another “good” driver

Yesterday while traversing the MacKay bridge here in Halifax, which is a four lane highway like road (two lanes going in each direction), I encountered yet another asshole driver. I was in the passing (left) lane. I was leaving myself a good car length or three between me and the car ahead of me, yet I was also maintaining the posted speed (plus some) and this guy behind me was exhibiting behavior of someone who was in a hurry. A woman in a car started to surpass me on the right so this guy thinks she’s going to pass me and thus he would be able to pass me so he switches to the right lane behind her. Remember of course that I’m not driving slow. So with the traffic in front of her she was forced to slow down and not get ahead of me, so this guy jumps lanes to be behind me once again. He stays there for a bit and realizes that I’m not going any faster than this woman beside me so he jumps back to the lane behind her. A short few seconds later he switches lanes once again so that he’s behind me. This is not necessary, especially while crossing the damn bridge so I decide then and there that this f**k-brain was not going to get past me.

As we approach the tolls, the two lanes fan out to the seven or eight toll booths that they have, I choose the third one from the left, this asshole speeds over to the left most one which is a MacPass only lane, which I also own, so there was no stopping to drop a coin into the machine for him or me. I had less traffic in front of me so after the toll booths I was able to speed ahead of him and get into the left lane. Thats where I stayed, with him behind me until I came to the exit I take off of that highway, in which I have to get over to the right where there is a long exit lane. I get bogged down behind this lady who appeared to be afraid of merging from the right lane where she was entering onto this highway from, to the left lane over. She finally moves over and I speed past her on the right in my exit lane up to where this asshole was ahead of me, only to see him with his middle finger stuck out pointing at me. I blew him a kiss. Asshole!

Like I’ve always said here, I know I’m not the best driver out there, but dammit this is yet more proof that even though I freely admit that I can be an asshole on the road, I am a much better driver than most assholes out on the road. I hate that people like this asshole in the Hyundai SUV (Oh if I’d had thought to take down this assholes license plate, I’d be posting it right now) thinks its ok for them to act how ever the hell they want, intimidating people out on the roads and otherwise just being obnoxious, unruly and out to prove how poor of a driver they actually are. This is why I take it as my civil duty to smack these assholes down as much as I can without breaking any laws or rules of the road (see I told ya I know I can be an asshole too). I don’t mind if the asshole was just in a hurry, as a matter of fact I would normally just get the hell out of his way and let him be on his way, but what pissed me off was that we were crossing the damn bridge and its rush hour, so there was no place for anyone to move to, to be out of his way for him to pass, yet he was being an asshole anyways. The poor woman who ended up driving beside me across the bridge was scared shitless that this asshole was jumping from her lane to my lane intimidating her to want to move out of his way, which she couldn’t do anything about it.

Its situations like this that my true to form, Toronto-bred-asshole-driving habits take over and I want to make it my lifes ambition to keep this asshole from attaining whatever the hell it is he is trying to accomplish by acting like such an asshole on the roads. He wanted to get past me, well I made it as difficult as possible for him to do that. As a matter of fact he didn’t do that until I let him do that. Owned…Asshole!


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