I think I remember reading a quote that suggested that music is truly the soundtrack of our lives. Is that the case for those that work in the industry, or ones that work with the music? I just recently got back into contact with a long lost friend, and he works in the music industry, specifically as an owner of a “DJ” business. I hate labelling what he does as something as nondescript as that (a DJ) as he does much much more than just spin records. In any case, in his Facebook profile he describes himself as liking “Classic Rock”, which is fine but strikes me as a little strange when you consider that every night that he works, he’s listening to pop music so I would think that listening to all of that, all of the time, would somehow rub off and taint the kind of music that he likes, but I guess not. I think its great that he likes classic rock as that is yet something else that we have in common, which brings me to something that occurred to me the other day. I was listening to the Max Webster Block Heads CD when the song Toronto Tontos” came on. The song has a kinda weird beat to it and is very goofy but for some reason hearing that song reminded me of this friend. Not because he too is goofy or weird (he isn’t) but because I recalled a time that we were spending together, doing something and that song was playing. It was the music that triggered the memory. For some reason I’ve been feeling that this is occurring more and more to me. Maybe the older you get, the more there is to lose track of, memory-wise, and thus requiring something to trigger those memories to come back to the forefront of your thinking and thats what music does. So it truly is the soundtrack of our lives.


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