Ok, in the last week here in Halifax, three people have been hit while crossing at a crosswalk (see this article). What the f**K people! Don’t you know how to drive? There is not excuse for this! I’m starting to beleive there should be bigger more harsh penalties for this. Right now there is I beleive a $300 fine levied, but that is not enough. A 14 year old girl just died from her injuries and to think that was inflicted by an 82 year old man. I’m surprised calls didn’t go out then to want to force old people to have their licenses retested as they always seem to whenever an older person gets into any kind of an accident. Hitting someone in the crosswalk should be a major offense, especially if that person dies. I for one wouldn’t want my 82 year old grandfather thrown into jail for something obviously he didn’t do on purpose, but regardless of age, you just have to be paying better attention. I’ve seen countless people almost get hit many many times while on my way into work. The people crossing at the crosswalk don’t seen to be paying attention either, but they’re the ones who seem to be putting their lives on the line just for wanting to cross the road. Its those impatient, ignorant, stuipid drivers, yes the stuipid-few who seem to screw it all up for the rest of us.

You know what, I’m sick of it. I’m sick of being nice about it all. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this: If you were born here in Halifax, and learned to drive here in Halifax, then I think I can safely say that based on several reasons (not just safety at crosswalks) that I am a better driver than you. Without a doubt! Oh I know, there’s bad drivers everywhere, ya ya ya, blah blah blah. Well, just in the last week, three of them have been highlighted. How many more by the end of the year, and we’re only talking about hitting people at corsswalks. What about the idiots who don’t know how to merge? What about the idiots who don’t know how to signal a lane change? What about the morons who are too busy yakking on their cell phones, or choking back their daily Tim Horton’s, or who are lighting their cigarettes (all at the same time)? They’re just lucky. I mean the rest of us are just lucky that YOU haven’t killed us yet.

Learn how to drive people!


2 Responses to “Crosswalks”

  1. TagBagger Says:

    Crosswalks a nice – they remind me of when I came here 23 years ago, and cars would stop if you were walking on the sidewalk and merely turned towards the street – it was very quaint and naive. We have now arrived in the 21st century. Pedestrians regularily walk out without even looking at traffic (?deathwish or some sort of pedestrian rage?). Crosswalks are less than half a block from traffic lights(hello Spring Garden Road and Wyse Road). Its time to modernise – get rid of some of the crosswalks that are near lights, change some that are essentially on highways into overpasses (hello Cole Harbour road), and equip the rest with red lights. Perhaps educate Nova Scotians to look both ways before crossing the road – but maybe not – Charles Darwin showed that that problem will take care of itself (unless you are a creationist in which case postulate a very uncaring god instead)

  2. Charles Verge Says:

    There was a time when I lived across from a cross walk, and very regularly people would hit the button and walk out. My question is what happened to the, look both way before crossing the road. Both people driving and pedestrians are not looking. As well about once a month you would hear a loud bang of cars rear ending each other.

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