Demo time

I just got the 15 minute warning from Outlook about an impending meeting. It is our monthly demo meeting. Every month, us developers get together and show off to the executives, all of the work we’ve done for that month. It typically translates to showing off the new features you’ve completed or are working on. Since I’m currently working on my own project, I get to demo that. Its a new “tool” that I use to create the customer configurations. We’re just now starting to put it into new contracts of new customers, basically selling it to them along with our main product. Hopefully it will make us more money.

So, back to the demo. I’ve started to prepare for it since I got in this morning. I had to create a special database, clear it of all of its data, then my little tool will fill it up. It doesn’t sound like much, but it reduces the amount of work that I have to do for any new customer from about a month or two, to about a week, and out of that week its mostly data preparation work, the tool then just sucks it all in. Hopefully it won’t screw up!

Wish me luck.


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