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I was flipping through the channels over the weekend. I came across the Australian Grand Prix, apparently the beginning of the F1 racing tour. I’ve never watched an F1 race before (and still can’t say that I have…doooh!), but what impressed me about it was of course watching it on TSN in HD. They switched several times to the particular in-car cameras which must have been mounted right in the drivers’ helmet. The view, on the HD wide-screen was fricken awesome! It was almost like playing one of those racing video games (obviously not that I’ve played many of those), but wow. I would love to try driving one of those cars!

Supposedly today is the last day of winter. Well compared to the rest of North America, we’ve had it pretty good. Friday there were “Winter Storm Warnings” all over the place, but nothing really transpired other than the ice on Saturday morning. I didn’t have to go out in it, but my wife had to be at work for 05:30 in the morning. She said she had a hell of a time cleaning the ice-covered windshield on the car and then the roads were very ice-covered, but she took her time and got to work whereas alot of the other people scheduled for that morning didn’t even try to make it there. She said they were short staffed by about 2-3 people which meant it was busier for her than it otherwise should have been.

“Bond, James Bond…”. Ya I’m a James Bond fan, I like all of the movies. I’m on an unofficial quest to own all of the James Bond movies, on DVD. Found the movie “For your Eyes Only” in Walmart for $9.99. Bought it, I couldn’t resist. I just recently had my copy of “Casino Royale” delivered to my house. Playing poker isn’t one of the most exciting things to me but the rest of the movie was pretty good. I don’t mind the new James Bond, but Peirce is the best, followed by Sean Connery. For your Eyes Only is a Roger Moore flick. He had to be about the wimpiest James Bond, but some of his dialog and his comedic attempts are well worth watching. I enjoy them all.

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