TV Commercials

We were watching TV last night, as we usually do in the evenings. We were amused by the totally entertaining commercials from Dairy Queen for their “Flame Thrower” burgers. Dairy Queen has had over the last few years, the most entertaining commercials on TV, this new one of theirs keeps up with this tradition. Whats annoying me about all of these entertaining commercials is that now on the internet, via sites like YouTube, the entertainment they are offering are these commercials. Huh you say, what the hell is happening? Commercials on TV has always been whats bad about TV, which is why I personally prefer to watch channels where commercials aren’t at the heart of their existence. Channels like PBS, or TMN or even PPV channels, though I realize you end up paying for those but they don’t have any commercials. It sickens me to watch something on the Showcase Action channel for example only to be interrupted by six minutes of commercials three times every half-hour! Wholly crap Batman! What has always been nice about the internet is the lack of commercials and crap like it. Then they came up with banner ads, Google adwords and now since videos started to proliferate the web, so has commercials.

Whats scary to me is that now these commercials are becoming mainstream. The commercials are the entertainment. That stupid Gieco caveman commercial, I heard recently will be turned into a TV show. What seems to be coming to pass, as predicted by the movie Demolition Man, if you recall was that the entertainment in that movie turned out to be jingles from TV commercials. The Oscar Myer Wiener jingle is being sung in a bar as the musical show for the evening. As catchy as that tune really is, it kills me to think about wanting to have that song on the music charts, listening to it on the radio, or worse yet, over the internet, etc. Its advertizing! Its existence is simply to make a company money, not to make you feel good, or to enjoy as all other music out there is. Its just there to entice you to buy more wieners. Leave the commercials on TV alone, let their existence grow, but keep them out of the mainstream entertainment arenas, clubs, the internet, movie theatres, cell phones, etc, I don’t want them there! We should be able to live our lives without being inundated with advertizing 24 hours a day!

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  1. Roxanne Says:

    I love the DQ ads too! They are always hilarious!

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