Educational stuipid stuff

As we were watching America’s Funniest Home Videos last night, my wife was disgusted by the videos of the guys shooting pool balls at their elbows and stated “See guys are just stuipid. A woman would never do such dumb things”. Well she was definitely right, a woman likely would never do such dumb stuff, but in the defense of the guys doing it, believe it or not, in some cases, there is a logical explanation, though shooting pool balls at your elbows is questionable. In trying to explain the pool balls though, they could be trying to determine how much pain they can handle, definitely a guy thing. Or since they’re hitting their elbows, maybe they were trying to determine the “funny bone” affect, to see if it is indeed “funny”. See there could be some reasonable explanation for the dumb-ass behavior, even though the excuse is and most likely rather lame in just about all cases but to a guy its something to do and a guy can learn from it.

I equate this to the behavior of teenage boys learning how to drive, and more specifically me and my now brother in law. I remember being in the car with my brother in law driving. We were in his mothers huge station wagon going to a hockey practise. After we were done, we get in the car and since it was winter, and the parking lot was snow covered and mostly clear of other vehicles, he decided to do some “donuts”. For the uneducated, that is causing the car to spin around and around, sort of like the “drifting” that is done in Japan. So, a woman might look at this and think exactly what my wife thought, “how dumb”, but to a guy not only is something like this fun, it is again educational. You learn how the vehicle feels when it is subjected to such slippery conditions. You learn how to maintain control. This of course is beneficial for those situations where you are driving down the road and you hit a slippery patch in the road and lose control. Knowing how the car behaves will help you regain or maintain control. This will also help you recognize situations where the road might be slippery in the first place and allow you to be cautious and not let the loss of control to occur. Of course when you’re a teenage boy doing such stuff, more or less its just done out of sheer fun, the learning from it is actually a side-effect that is not necessarily something that is noticed until later in life when they (the men) can explain these aftereffects better, like for me now.

The hard part in recognizing such behavior is knowing that your (my) son will want to do the same things. Whats scary about it all is that he’s going to want to do such things with my car, or with possessions of mine that he has no respect for (because he’s a teenager) and has no clue about how dangerous such things can be. This is very poignant to me right now as I am going through my son learning how to drive.

So even though alot of the things guys do, is from outward appearances simply dumb, there is some underlying explanation that most women will never understand but for alot of guys is a learning process and part of their education in life. Its one of those things that differentiates men from women.

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One Response to “Educational stuipid stuff”

  1. Phil McCracken Says:

    You know, I totally relate with your fears for what your son will do in his “learning” stage.

    When I was 17, I took my mom’s brand new car and got it airborne on a narrow, tree lined dirt road at 70 MPH and somehow landed it without crashing NOR damaging the car.

    One inch one way or the other and me & my friend Stoner Jamie could be dead. Go figure. I hope my son has my luck as a teen!

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