Up to date

Well had a busy weekend and a busy few days. A close friend of ours went into the hospital on Saturday and isn’t doing very well. He had asked my wife to do up his will, before he went into the hospital and she is having a hard time with it, emotionally. We’re going to visit him again tonight.

The car thing didn’t work out for my son. I got home on Friday all prepared to have a look at this car that was offered to my son for $200 to see if we would actually buy it or not. When I got home my son told me that the guy didn’t believe that my son was actually interested in it, so he went out the night before and did some joy-riding in it and ended up smashing it into a ditch. Apparently this guy owned three cars (the ’97 Cavalier was one of them) and he was going out to buy yet another one, but was told he had to get rid of the Cavalier before he could buy this new one. This was why he was willing to let it go for only $200, he was desperate to get rid of it. Instead of selling it to my son, he decided to wreck it and in all likelihood, leave it out in the woods where he wrecked it. What a f***-head! I was just so disgusted with the guy for doing something so stupid. Anyways, we didn’t buy the car.

On a more happy note, my son came into work with me on Monday (as it was a school day off) and I took him over to do his drivers (written) test, and he passed. So now he has his temporary drivers license. He wanted to drive home on Monday, but we had a snow storm, so the roads weren’t that great, so I didn’t let him drive home. We’ll go out sometime and I’ll let him drive.

A while ago I bought a hard disk from one of my coworkers to go into our other (older) PC at home, as its hard disk had crashed. I’ve been trying to get that hard disk installed into it for weeks when another of my coworkers told me that it was likely a hard disk that wasn’t compatible with my older PC. I didn’t know there was a difference. I tried it in my “newer” PC and it worked just fine, so what I’m in the process of doing is re-installing Ubuntu onto this new (larger) drive in that new Windows PC (dual-booting of course) and then once I’m done with that, I’ll put the older (smaller) hard disk into the older PC and it should work just fine. Its just a long process figuring out how to reinstall everything again and configure it all. I was hoping to simply copy from one hard disk to the other, but that isn’t going to work out.


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