First car

Have you seen this car?

Something like this was what I had for my first car. Today, my son says he wants to buy a car. A ’97 Cavalier…for $200??!! As long as its not falling apart, might be a reasonable deal, especially considering my son doesn’t have his drivers license (yet). Maybe thats a good thing, if its not that great, then it’ll give us some time to get it in working order.


2 Responses to “First car”

  1. LOTGK Says:

    $200 Canadian, or U.S.?
    Either way, a Cavilier is not a good mechanical car. It will more than like cost 5 times that amount per year to keep it running.

    Good luck.

  2. LOTGK Says:

    And thats Cavalier, not Cavilier,….LOL

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