Automatic turn signal indicators

I watched in amazement this morning, of a technology that I didn’t think existed yet. The idea of AutomaticTurn Signal (ATS) indicators was something totally not on my radar, but this morning it became very evident that it existed. I was driving behind this Mercedes while crossing the bridge into Halifax. The evidence of it was quite apparent, though I didn’t see the ATS system in action until we had all but crossed the bridge, but like most things these days, you recognize the technology not by its appearance but by its lack of activity. Apparently the guy threw the whole system into a turmoil when he thought it was more important for him to be on the phone at 07:30 in the morning while crossing the bridge instead of concentrating his efforts on facilitating the ATS system. The infrared connections made to his brain by the system was obviously interrupted by the radio waves coming from his cell phone, thus when it became necessary for the guy’s ATS system to kick in and actually signal his turning at the intersection, it simply failed miserably. Then about 50 metres away at a merging point in the traffic grid, it failed yet again as well his Automatic Merge (AM) system, a sister system tightly related to the ATS system. It too was affected by the onslaught of radio waves from the cell phone that it greatly reduced his ability to perform any simple driving functions, let alone merge. Instead of merging successfully into the lane to the left, he floundered along for about a quarter of a mile completely unable to change lanes. Eventually the lane ended and he was forced upon an impending bus who had to slow down and make way for this completely flaccid Mercedes driver. I could tell a short while later that his failed automatic systems had finally been restored and he was able to navigate the lane he was driving in without causing any further disruptions to himself and other vehicles. I think Mercedes should be notified of this flaw in their system. I think the technology is sound, although I think a simple education program of the owners of the vehicle on how to properly facilitate these “mind-melding” systems could vastly improve their effectiveness. I for one applaud Mercedes for taking the initiative in this important safety feature. Perhaps they should consider the technology in some of their lower priced vehicles, perhaps even commercial vehicles, where they can be more assured that the “user” of these systems, is actually capable.


2 Responses to “Automatic turn signal indicators”

  1. Phil McCracken Says:

    You know, I see this problem often. ATS systems I think are banned in Massachusetts because no one in this state, regardles of age, sex or car type knows how to use either the automatic or the manual system.

  2. LOTGK Says:

    It’s never the technology Dooh, it’s always the user of said technology….

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