Let my ignorance flow

I’m seeing prejudice in its raw form today, not of race or religion, but one of a “masculine/feminen” nature and I’m seeing it first-hand ’cause its coming from me. Whats strange is I’m noticing it first of all, and second that I’m trying to figure out where I would come up with such ideas, not that I think I’m wrong about it all, but now I’m curious. I remember as a kid, driving around in the tow-truck my dad owned, going with him on various jobs, or trips to the towing compound. I enjoyed it so much because I got to see my father in the raw as it were. I learned new words to curse and swear with from him during such trips, and of course not all of them from him, but some by the people that my father was involved with, which when you consider what he did (driving a tow truck), he was dealing with people who were having a bad day. Not only did I learn new swear words from him, but between his “friends” I learned a whole bunch of lewd remarks to make towards women and other people in general. Its funny when you say something in this politically correct environment that we all live in these days and you realize how “bad” something actually is, and you know for a fact that you can attribute that statement to something one of your parents may have said on various occasions and then you realize that if something your parents said to you way back when had such a long-term affect on you (that you can still remember them now!), imagine the affects some of the things you’ve said to your kids will have on them in the years to come. Kinda scary. It makes you think. It sometimes makes you think twice about saying anything at all and not only to your kids, coworkers too, and likely anyone really. Opening your mouth exposes some part of you that you might not otherwise (necessarily) want anyone to see, or hear. I’ve experienced this first hand here at work, just recently. One of my pet-peevs is eating during meetings. I’m talking about meetings that aren’t otherwise planned as eat-in type of meetings. This I believe is something that was wrought from the “old-school” business environment (that I worked in) where you had to wear suits and ties to work and they would make fun of you if your tie didn’t match your shirt or shoes, etc. In that environment it was frowned upon to be eating during any meeting. I mentioned this to a coworker one day after a meeting was scheduled to take place at 13:00, right after lunch. He thought so much of that statement (either in a good way, or not) that he told other coworkers, so when the meeting started, him and another guy were sitting in the meeting each with a piece of pie and one guy snuggled all up close to me so that I could see him eating his pie. I realized right away that they were doing that all for my benefit, but what concerned me was that my previous business experience from which I have gotten this idea about not eating in meetings was now influencing a new crop of younger, impressionable “adults”, who 20-30 years from now are going to remember this foolishness and it will have affected them in some bizarre manner and they won’t understand why.

Its of this kind of back-ass, old-school influence that seems to have affected me in such a way as to believe something that when looked at in our now politically correct world of today, “may” not apply anymore, and this particular case is based on gender in some way. Just like the old idiom of a man holding open a door for a woman. So, taking all of this crap into consideration, it seems “odd” to me that a man first of all is sent flowers, but that he also gladly receive them. It seems with all of this political correctness going around, that men must be “not masculine” to fit in. To me receiving flowers is just not “masculine”. Women seem to want men to fit to what they think is best, and because of the way women think, whats best for them is for men to be more like them (sensitive, caring, etc). The problem with this is that it doesn’t seem right, in all cases, for us men. As different as men are from women, the last thing women (and men!!) really want (not that I necessarily know, apparently!!!) is for their man to be a woman, even though, as countless others can also attest to, we are told just that by our female spouses. This flies in the face of a recent study that shows when it comes down to it, women like their men to be masculine. See this article, it talks about how women are attracted to the sweat of a man, not to the sweat of a woman, a man. This seems to enforce that even though women may like their man to act more like a women as far as certain traits they consider important, biologically and even physically they desire that sweaty-pig of a construction worker standing on the side of the road wistleing at the women walking by. Its nature. Its me, too.

So there ya go, my ignorance is free for the world to see. I have heard alot lately that you can’t get into any trouble if you don’t do anything, and that by doing something though, can cause trouble, but is the beginning of something, whether it be change (for the good?), or not. For me perhaps it signifies a change in attitude. I think I have done more of the “not doing anything” idea, specifically to not cause any trouble, well maybe thats going to change. Let my ignorance flow….


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