Is my prediction actually coming true?

At the beginning of the year I wrote an entry titled Video killed the Radio Star and in it I mention that the internet was on its way to simply be becoming a new delivery system for videos, radio and now TV. Well theres proof that I was right. Spencer Reiss at Wired wrote an article (for January’s publication) about a new Tech startup previously named “The Venice Project”, now called JOOST that was being started by the guys that created such huge systems like Kazaa and Skype. (see article here). In it he talks about this new venture and how it will be delivering TV content over the internet, taking into consideration the security that the content providers think they require, as well as advertizing (Nooooo!), and of course what matters most, content delivery and it being fast and capable. I think this may be the future of TV and who knows, maybe even for video distribution.


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