Linux Audio Players, Tested and Graded

This is a good article!  I personally use Amarok under my Ubuntu Edgy Eft install.  As he points out its a KDE app and Ubuntu is Gnome based.  I could’ve installed KUbuntu (Ubuntu with KDE instead of Gnome) but I haven’t run across any of the issues the author ran into, although I primarily use it to listen to music.  For burning a music CD I use the defeault Gnome based apps.  As he also pionts out, there are other apps specifically written to do one thing realy realy well, so thats what I use.  If you have never used Ubuntu, its worth looking into.  It’ll take you a bit to get used to something that isn’t Microsoft and/or Windows based, but if you have knowledge of how things work, then you will do well with Ubuntu.  Admitedly its not yet ready for people who don’t know how low-level system stuff works, but if all you want it for is to gather email and browse the web then its as good as anything Windows gives you.  Oh and did I mention that everything to do with Ubuntu is free?

In which our Linux guru falls in love with a Microsoft app (!) and goes searching for an Open Source equivalent. Will he find it?

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