Yada yada yada

Are you one of those people that always say good morning to people? And if you are, have you ever noticed that if you don’t say good morning to some people, that they never initiate such conversations regardless of how useless and pointless such conversations are? The woman I drive in with in the morning is a talker, and thats stating things lightly, trust me. Every morning, except today, I always say good morning, whether it actually is or not. Its a simple greeting not a statement as to the condition of the day so far, or not. I wondered, with the amount that this woman talks if she would initiate such conversation. Surprisingly not a word was spoken by her or me from the time she got in the car until I was down her driveway and about a kilometer from her house. No greeting, no Hi, no nothing. How can you do that? I mean you get into someone’s car and not say a word? What a fricken strange beast she is.

So I finally went and got a new tire and a new wheel for my car. I couldn’t believe that the best price for getting such things was actually to be found at the dealership where we purchased the car. I don’t know what it is with cars these days. My car is for lack of better words to describe it, a “normal” car, yet for some strange reason the tires cost well over $100 each. Thats more than the cost of the tires I had on my pickup truck, yes thats right, truck tires were cheaper than the tires on my current car. I went to a few tire stores, and the replacement cost on the tires that were on the car were estimated to cost, with taxes and environmental fees, etc $136, then if I wanted to get a new wheel from them, they cost $86. I couldn’t freakin believe it! I asked him if the tires were made out of gold or something. He obviously knew I wasn’t going to be purchasing tires from him. So when I called the dealership, the tire itself worked out to be about $10 cheaper there, and the cost of the wheel was like $40 cheaper, so thats where I got it done but still it was almost a $200 venture.

Shortly before I was to leave work I get a call from my wife. She was letting me know that she was taking Cloe (one of our dogs) to the vet. Her face start swelling up, for some reason. Well you can’t goto the vet without forking out hundreds of dollars regardless of what they actually do to the dog. Apparently she has a rotten tooth and it was causing an infection. To get some medication for the infection and the visit itself, it cost well over $100. Yesterday was an expensive day!

So my son has applied for a maintenance job at the airport. To get the job he has to go and get a police checkup done on himself, for security purposes. Where we live is serviced by a police station that isn’t too far away from us, but technically is in a different county. My wife goes to find out about this police check and is told that this local police establishment couldn’t do this work for him because we live in a different county. MY first reaction to this was ya ok, big friggin deal, but then it started to bother me. I mean if we call 9-1-1, and need assistance from the police, it is the police from this detachment that is going to respond, not from some other “county-specific” detachment, them. It makes sense to me then that it should be this detachment that should be able to accommodate such a police-check request, why the hell should I have to travel all over hells creation to get a friggin police check done when I should be able to goto the nearest one to my house, I mean they are all RCMP! It makes me feel like whoever my wife was talking to was just trying to pass the buck so he/she wouldn’t have to be bothered doing such a difficult bothersome task. Maybe I should get my MPP, or MP involved and straighten this jackass out…

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