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The mechanism in which we gather information has changed. Previously we used to watch the evening news to get the latest happenings of that day, or pick up the morning paper to read about what happened the previous day. Now we have all-news channels on TV that broadcasts news just after it occurred and in some cases while its still happening. With the internet in the mix now, you can almost get blow-by-blow live coverage of events as they are occurring, from anywhere in the world. People everywhere are more than happy to broadcast pictures, movies and even opinion on events as they are occurring. The trick in my opinion, is finding those current up-to-date sites where you know live information streams forth from. Because we all have been programmed by the newspapers and TV news (etc), our first inclination about where to go for such information are those online sites where we’re used to going for that kind of information, the newspapers and the evening news.

Typically the online presence of newspapers and TV new channels are fairly up-to-date and in all cases they announce how up-to-date they are by posting the date and time the news item was released at. This is good! My problem with the internet is that for every current up-to-date website/web pages, there are many many more that are no longer current and up-to-date. Therefore, in my mind I am skeptical of everything on the internet. How can you tell, from day-to-day, or week-to-week, month-to-month- or year-to-year which websites or web pages are current or not? If you’re looking at a website that is not some sort of news pages, then it is likely that the date the web page was created is not known to you, so how can you believe that the information being presented is viable at that time? You can’t. Thats why there should be some new sort of meta tag information that discerns the date of creation for every web page and presents itself in some common way, for all to see so that the person looking for up-to-date information knows that what they’re reading is actually current. Online places like Google are so busy just keeping up with the indexing of all the new web pages that go up on a daily basis that keeping track of what is current is the least of their worries. They just index everything letting us, the consumers of their products (search results) to determine what is relevant to us at that time. Of course we all know how daunting an issue it is to search through reams and reams of search results on Google to find that one relevant web page that will answer your question, your concerns or satisfy your search for current up-to-date knowledge.

Speaking of current up-to-date news, for my sisters: Joe has for some reason decided, now, that he is interested in working. He has applied to two different jobs at the airport and has, more or less gotten both of them. I think this may be the beginning of the end, to what you may ask, well, we’ll be finding out soon enough I’m sure. Yes he’s still in school, will he be graduating this year, not sure. He’s doing exams this coming week. He starts working tomorrow.

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  1. Bryan Says:

    While it is a great idea you would have to consider the other side of the issue. I there was a metatag which placed the date and time a page was created, then it would only be a matter of time before a hack was created to update it automatically. Then we would run in to viewing a webpage from 1998 which shows yesterdays date no matter when you log in.
    The best method I found is RSS feeds. The feed grabs the data the moment it has been published/updated and the reader can verify when it was grabbed. I can not wait until RSS becomes so popular that every webpage uses it, but this is a long way off. Sites such as the Chronicle Herald could benefit as well as the readers.

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