Happy Birthday

Aside from today being the most special day of the week, Friday, it’s also my nieces birthday (pictured!). According to what my cell phones’ calendar application says, she’s 20 today, I hope I have that right. Ash, Happy Birthday, we all miss ya!

In other news, I had a chuckle last night on the way home. I was walking with a work colleague over to the parkade where I park, and I was telling him my son had a job interview at the airport. His initial reaction to that comment was “why the hell would he want to go all the way out there for a job?”, but of course he knew that the airport, from where we live is a heck of a lot closer than the trip I make into Halifax every day. Halifax is one of those city’s where in the planning of it, they put the airport about 30 minutes outside of the city itself, and unlike places like Toronto, it hasn’t expanded to meet up with the airport, yet.

Oh speaking of that. I have always been aware that the only way for anyone to get to the airport is to either drive there themselves or take a taxi, but it seems ridiculous to know that there is no alternatives. Compared to most “modern” cities throughout the world, there is just about always some sort of public transportation system available to get people to and from the airport. Not Halifax! You have no choice but to drive yourself or take a cab, thats it. I think Metro Transit should offer some sort of bus service to the airport, but if they did, then they could also, I think, create a new market for themselves, as there is a huge growing community of people that live out where I live, which is only five minutes past the airport. They could offer service that goes from the mall in Elmsdale to the airport, then another bus service from the airport to various main hubs within the city. I could see those two bus services being pretty busy. I could see it eliminating alot of cars on the highway everyday. If there were an alternative way into Halifax from Elmsdale, I believe alot of people from the area would take advantage of it. I know I would, although saying that, we are planning on moving into the city so that we can have that convenience. DOOOOH!

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