According to this Globe & Mail article we are five minutes from nuclear devastation. The Dooms Day Clock has always been a monitor of nuclear threat throughout the world since the cold war began so perhaps rightly so, it has moved two minutes forward due to the potential of nuclear threat from the likes of North Korea and Iran. The difference now is that the clock and its movements are to also take into account the threat to human existence due to other factors such a Global warming. Well we could sure use some of that “warming” around here today. According to the temperature readout in my car (which surprisingly has been fairly accurate compared to what forecasters announce on the radio) it was -28, and that was without any kind of factoring in of the wind. There was none. It was so cold, that when I attempted to clear the frost off of the windshield, it literally would not scrape off. I ended up having to push harder to make any inroads at clearing it, but I pushed so hard the scraper broke. Maybe I should have just crawled back into bed.

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