The drive home

Yesterday proved to be a little more exciting than I bargained for. The trip into work was uneventful as usual. The typical idiot drivers were out on the road pretending to be driving. My day started out with a meeting at 08:30. It didn’t last too long. I was finished my meeting before anyone else in development came in. It was the last day for an employee who was leaving. The company ordered in some pizza for lunch. We roasted the guy. Everyone spewed about how great it was to work with him, etc. I didn’t have any such “strong” feelings towards him either way, so for the most part I kept my mouth shut. My Mother always taught me if you don’t have something nice to day, then shut the fuck up…so I did.

Anyways, around 14:00 I looked outside and noticed all of the snow that was falling. Everyone who sits around me started saying that I should probably leave, all citing the last time we had a snow storm where the city was grid-locked for over 4 hours. I thought about it and wasn’t going to worry about it but then I figured, what the hell, everyone else does stuff like that. I went in to my bosses office and told here that I was going to leave due to the weather. She had no problem with it knowing that I have a computer at home that I can use to connect to our VPN with and be able to continue work for the day. That’s probably where things went wrong for me. I got out onto the highway. The roads weren’t that great but they were passable. Aside from the typical jackasses out on the road, which in my opinion are the ones that cause any accidents that do occur because of their driving exceedingly slow, traffic was light and it was good because it was still daylight. This allows you to judge the conditions of the road easier than if it was dark out. When I was about half way home, I was on a long turning section of the highway. Out of nowhere a big chunk of gunk that collects on trucks and cars and then falls off…came flying across the highway. With the speed I was going and the conditions of the road I wasn’t in any kind of position to be making any quick moves. I avoided this chunk of ice/rocks/whatever it was with the front wheel, but I hit it with the driver-side back wheel. Let me tell you I know I hit it, and I hit it hard. I knew I broke something. I continued on as best as I could as I didn’t want to stop in the middle of nowhere and try to change the tire on the highway. With all of the snow there wasn’t any kind of a cleared shoulder to pull off onto. I figured I would continue as far as I could. As I was approaching the normal exit I take off the highway I could hear the tire flop-flopping. I slowed way down and tried to take it as easy as possible. There is a huge truck stop at this exit so I pulled in there and got out to examine the damage. It was extensive. There was a hole in the side of the tire big enough for me to fit my fist into. I thought about calling CAA but I figured they would be pretty busy and anyways what could they do? All they would/could do was to put my spare on. Its not like they could pump up the tire and send me on my way. Putting on a spare tire is something that is not such a big of a deal for someone to do, so I proceeded to dig out the spare tire from the trunk.

My car has the normal black steel wheels, with plastic hub caps. I got out the jack and put it in place then proceeded to lossen the lug nuts. I started to lossen them only to be disgusted at how loose they were. I was thinking that I will have to call the dealership to give them shit at leaving the lug nuts so loose. So I loosened them all then jacked the car up and proceeded to remove the hub cap and wheel. That’s when I discovered that what I had loosened was only the little plastic lug nuts that hold just the hub cap on. I removed them to discover the actual lug nuts under them. Of course with the wheel now not touching the ground I was not able to loosen the lug nuts so I had to drop the car down, loosen the lug nuts then jack it back up and remove the tire. I finally got the spare tire on and was on my way home. I ended up having to go home and get the movies we had rented from the video store that I forgot to return that morning and return them before the due date. I got home and noticed that my wife was not yet home. She was due home at around 15:00, but now it was almost 15:30. I got the movies and headed back out. I met her about half way to the movie store, she was heading home. I called her cell phone and told her where I was going. She was surprised to see me so early. I finally got home around 16:30, not bad for someone who left at 14:00. DOOOOH!

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