Work Re-evaluation

Certain conditions are occurring at work that are making me rethink what it is I want to do here at this company (if at all). What is making me rethink this is the sudden occurrence, or rather realization by me that the work I am doing here is no longer towards the core product. I have been so consumed by the development of the tools to make my job easier that the idea that I’m no longer a “core developer” anymore never really hit me until just the other day. Talking to some of the other developers about me not being a core developer anymore wasn’t of any surprise to anyone, I guess except me. Its making me feel very out of place in my current cubicle location. So much so that I am considering asking to relocate to a vacant office away from the rest of the developers. I’m torn as to whether this is a good thing or not, as most of the work I’m “embarking” on is quite core to the company. I create new customer configurations (I thought, among other development things) but it is becoming a more fulltime job. Oh I am still writing code, but instead of it being for the core company product, its for all of these tools that I (and only I at this time) will be using to assist me in creating these customer configurations, so its still important because the company wants to start selling them as well, but I am the only developer working on them. Changes are being made to the core development process that I am totally unable to keep up with. New API’s are being added, and used throughout the system and because I’m not actively using them, I just can’t possibly know how and when to use such things. On the other hand, since I am the one creating customer configurations, I need to know how to implement the new features in the core product (of which I am no longer actively working on) so not being apart of that core development process is not a good thing either.

If I were to consider completely removing myself from the core development (cubicle, etc) then that may open up other opportunities for me. I would/could become my own manager of configurations and the tools for the development thereof, which may at some point, if the number of customers increases to a manager of one or more employees hired to assist me. This is good! Whats stopping me from just jumping at this opportunity is that I’m afraid that not being apart of the core development process will adversely affect my ability to create customer configurations. Coincidentally I have been given an opportunity to discuss this axact stuff with one of the executives here next Monday. I’ll have to make a decision about what I want to present to him over the weekend. Monday should be an interesting day…


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