1978 Buick Century Sport Coupe

That was my first car…a 1978 Buick Century Sport Coupe. I bought it for $3000, cash, in a private sale from some French accented Quebec ex-pat living in Toronto. I think I was 18 at the time. My mother ended up paying for my insurance on it for the first year cause I blew every penny I had to buy it. Of all of the vehicles I’ve owned since, that one is still my favorite. Maybe because it was my first, maybe because I bought and paid for it with my own money, I don’t know, but I know I would love to own it again right now. paradoxically I gave it up for $2000 so that I could buy my first IBM clone XT PC (yes thats how much a computer cost back then and it didn’t even have a hard disk in it!). That was back in the early 80’s. It was one of the last years I ever saw such a vehicle. I believe shortly thereafter Buick completely changed the styling of the Century, to be more of a classier luxury-type of vehicle. Mine was a raw, mean, on the edge sport coupe (as the name implies) that had a big gas-guzzling V8 (but I felt it wasn’t big enough!) engine, but probably the furthest thing from any kind of production “fast cars” like the Camaro and Mustangs of the time. What I always felt good about this car was that it was capable of keeping up with these newer production fast cars. My brother in law owned a new ’84-85 Camaro at the time, and another friend owned one of those nice old ’85 Mustang 5.0 Litre cars. All of us used to go camping, and part of the fun of going camping was getting to the destination in the fastest time possible without getting caught for speeding. We used to chase-race each other to the campsite. It was great fun.

It was a two-door car, black and silver in colour. It had a trunk but the back window was sloping like what you might find in hatch-back models. It had a red-vinyl interior, with bucket seats. I had an aftermarket sun roof put in, new car stereo and equalizer/amp and I bought tires that had those raised white lettering. It made those factory aluminum rims look even more awesome than they already were. I liked that car. I think my next favorite vehicle is the one I just gave up, my little red pickup.

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  1. dev mahapatra Says:

    I had a similar hard top car, maroon and silver color, bought new from Beh
    behani ( Kuwait ) in 1980. I had to sell the car when I left Kuwait in 1988. Would love to have the car back for renovation and use it in the USA. Any idea how to get this car ?

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