Busy crazy day

Today has been a busy crazy day. I started it out by taking my car in for its 6 month checkup. Sounds like a fricken dentist checkup, damn. Last week after I scheduled it, we got notified here at work of a staff meeting that everyone had to attend. I was slightly concerned that I might miss it due to this car appointment, but the guys at the dealership were pretty good. In addition to the 6 month checkup stuff that they do, which includes an oil change and tire rotation, I had them look at my front tire. I’ve had to put air into it on a weekly basis for the last month or so. Well I guess I had a nail in it. Now where would that come from? Who the hell knows.

So I finally get into work, check my email and get a coffee and its time for the staff meeting. The supposed main crux of the meeting was supposed to be something else than what was discussed. It got overshadowed by yet another employee leaving. If it wasn’t for all of the prospects coming down the pipes that I know of, I think I may be concerned, luckily I’m not.

Of course at the end of that meeting it was lunch time. I quickly ate my salad then took off to buy me a computer power supply. My second PC at home bit the dust awhile ago. I seem to be getting pretty good at frying hard disks. The second fried one is now in the garbage. I bought one from one of the guys here at work and went to put it in last week but I discovered that the power supply was toast as well. I was trying to source one locally on Friday but no one had one at a reasonable price. The one place that did have reasonably priced stuff didn’t have any in stock. I refused to pay $60+ for one of these damn things when I knew I could get a good one from this one place for $20! So I waited until today. It was worth it. So I’ll get that all setup tonight with Ubuntu. I was thinking maybe I’d install XUbuntu, but we’ll see.

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