TV advertizing is pissing me off more and more every day. Heres the guy in the Dell commercial who “…wants to buy a computer for his daughter…”. You’re taken on a trip with him to a store where he doesn’t have to bother with any line, or out of stock problems, then all of sudden he’s back home and the sales rep on the phone tells him its on its way to him. Well woopo-de-do! The reality of the situation is that this father just lumped down about $2000 for this computer which he likely couldn’t afford in the first place. Or the Toyota commercial where the cars in the dealership are literally disappearing so quickly that when one guy turns around to yell at his wife to come and have a look, when he turns around, its gone. They make it seem that buying a car is a simple as going into a corner store to buy a chocolate bar. Well I guess it might be if you have $30,000 in your pocket but no matter how much the advertizes might wish it for their customers, its just not going to happen.

And what is the end result of all of this kind of advertizing? Does it entice people to go out and buy more, well in some cases that might be true, but I think it causes angst for alot of people. It makes people think that buying a car is as simple as buying a chocolate bar, and when they go down to actually buy that car it actually isn’t that easy and they wonder what is wrong with them, that it isn’t that easy. And so those people work harder, cause they then relate not having enough money to buy a new car every week is a bad thing, and then their family life suffers, they get a divorce, have to pay alimony and in the end have even less money to buy such things than they started out with in the first place. Isn’t advertizing wonderful?


5 Responses to “Commercials”

  1. Debbie Says:

    AdvertiSing is wonderful but your spelling isn’t.

  2. Phil McCracken Says:

    The other thing Dell doesn’t mention is all of the crap software they ram onto your new computer that you spend 3 hours uninstalling when you get the new computer.

  3. RichardatDELL Says:

    Hi Dooohead,

    Appreciated your comments, but that wasnt a store the father goes zipping through with no lines. It represents our direct relationship to customers and custom building the technology you order. So the father is actually wending his way through one of our facilities where each computer is custom built to meet the specific technology needs and budgets people choose.

    Dell is known for value and making more technology more affordable. Therefore, I am not sure why you assume that the product cost $2000.00 or that is not affordable. Many of our systems are less than $2000.00

    Phil, I read your comment too. You might want to check out the Dell blog where we addressed some of the concern you raise. While we appreciate your perspective, and try to make it easy for people like you to uninstall preloaded features, we also have customers who appreciate the added programs and features. The link to oour corporate blog on this topic is here:

  4. dooohhead Says:

    Well, “Richard At Dell”, the price of the product wasn’t the point here other than to demonstrate that the amounts involved is not something that most people have as disposable income that they can just fleetingly decide to buy a computer with at the drop of a hat. Whether the computer in question “actually” costs $699 or $2000 really doesn’t matter. Its not a $0.95 chocolate bar is it? Advertisers show in these commercials that buying a computer is a non-event like it would be for buying a coffee at a coffee shop, and so our kids look at us and say “How come we don’t have a Dell? Look how easy it is to get one.” I don’t know what world you live in where $699 or even $499 isn’t a big deal to part with on a whim, but its not reality.

  5. RichardatDELL Says:

    ok….point taken and appreciate the feedback

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