Happy Birthday Dee!

Today is my wifes birthday. Last night the Mother-In-Law-From-Hell made a chocolate cake and my son decorated it and we all ate some of it. It was the day before her birthday, but we have been invited out for dinner tonight so we decided to do a bit of a ceremony last night. We were just going to eat some cake but I decided there is no sense singing happy birthday and having a cake and not have any presents to open, so my son and I gave her, her presents. I had bought a few CD’s for my son to give her, then I picked up a nice diamond necklace for her. I think she liked it.

We were planning on going out to the legion again this friday for the jam-session, after dinner at our friends house, but she has decided against it. Her mother goes home tomorrow, so I think she just wants to spend some time with her. I suggested that we could sit around and drink the wine she bought the other day. We’ll see what happens.


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