Weekend in Review

Saturday of course was Remembrance Day here in Canada, so I got up nice and early (Not that I normally sleep in, or anything like that) and headed out to the local ceremony. Alone I might add too, as my wife was working, and my son couldn’t be bothered getting up. Its too early for him, poor baby. I was hoping to go and drop off my recycling, but everything was closed. As I headed home I was going to stop by the Legion as they always provide a meal after the ceremony, but there was no where to park, it was packed, so I headed home. This years ceremony had not only the typical train going past during it, but we were graced with another one as well. The location of the ceremony is right across the street from the local train crossing. Everything has to pause while it goes by because nothing can be heard, even though they setup loud speakers. The parade marched in, lead off by the flag bearers, followed by the local Cadet group and their marching band, the Legion members and the local scouting troops. Saw several people that I know who were participating. I took my camera with me to take some shots of the ceremony, but I wasn’t in a good location to take pictures, the sun was pointing directly at me, plus it didn’t feel right for me to be lumbering around trying to take some pictures. It seems disrespectful to do that, for some reason, so I didn’t. The local MP representative was there, Scott Bryson (Brison?), he laid the wreath for the Federal Government. There were other local dignitaries there as well, none of whom I know. The ceremony ended with a bang. One of the local store owners shot off some fireworks, but instead of some fancy colours shooting up into the air, they shot parachutes up into the sky. The parade started back to the Legion with these parachutes gliding back down to earth. It was different, but still pretty good.

I got to bath the dogs on Saturday too. One dog, okay, no problem, two at the same time, not good. My back still hurts from doing it. They needed it though. Went out to the Wally-Of-the-Mart to pick up some stuff for around the house. Got some of those new LED Christmas lights, they’ll save some money on electricity, geez, I guess I should be thinking about putting them up soon…December 1, maybe.

Have to prepare for yet another visit from the MIL from Hell. Her boyfriend had a whole bunch of air miles built up and were due to “expire” at the end of the year, so he got her another ticket to come for a visit. She was just here in October. Sounds like she’s going to be taking the wife all over the place, yet again. The wife got a week off work while she’s here. I guess I won’t be seeing either one of them too much during that time, as they’ll be gone, somewhere, visiting, shopping, something.


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