The rain…and wet

I hate rain. When it rains and you’re out in it and potentially not properly prepared for it, you’re wet. And I’m not talking about a little rain on your coat, I mean your clothes soaked through and through. I hate that. I avoid that as much as possible. Today here in Nova Scotia its miserable. Lots of rain and gusting winds of up to 70kph. The person with whom I drive part-way into work with wasn’t going in today, so I thought it would be a good day to work at home, more because of simply having the opportunity to do so, but as it turns out, weather-wise it was a perfect day to spend at home. While being logged into work, my coworkers are all telling me about how soaked everyone at work is. Thats terrible! LOL No really. Thats why I hate rain. I personally would prefer it to snow than rain. At least with snow you can be out in it and not come in soaked to the bone.

On another completely off-topic topic, I know I’ve said this before, but I am really loving using Ubuntu over Windows! I am here at home, sitting in my basement, remotely connected to my computer at work, using it as if I am there (A Windows machine being controlled by a Ubuntu client!). At the same time I’m listening to music, surfing the web, (writing this blog entry), writing code, testing that code, connecting to databases, web servers, checking email, Instant Messaging and its all just seamless and faster than doing all of that on my computer at work and my home computer is not as powerful as my work PC. Plus it all looks better too.


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