Pedestrians and bikers

It seems every city that I’ve lived in (thats three major Canadian cities, btw) there always is a conflict between the drivers in their cars on the roads and others who may also be on the roads, in different vehicles, namely bikes. I’ve always heard about bikers complaining that cars don’t give them enough room, and cars don’t watch for bikers when making turns, etc. Well the other day on the way home I pondered this dilemma as I watched a biker weave in and out of traffic while all of the cars were stopped. He (the biker) was travelling along the curbside when he approached a car that was too close to the curb for him to pass, so he cut in front of the car behind this too-close car, went to the left of the too-close car and weaved back to the curbside in front of the too-close car. Now, I am the only one who remembers reading my drivers manual where it states that no matter what your vehicle is, when you’re driving it on the road, you’re to follow the rules of the road. Does that not include bikes? I was always taught, while living in Toronto, that when you ride your bike on the road, it is just like any other vehicle on it. Since though, it (a bike) travels slower than most of the other vehicles on the road, you were to keep to the curbside. I never took that to mean that because there is always a bit of open space at the curb that when the rest of the traffic is stopped, it is ok to be continuing on your bike, just because you can. Seems to me that a fundamental rule of the road is being broken there and it seems the bikers want to blame their woes on the people driving in their cars. Yes, yes, yes, its been quite a few years since I’ve actually ridden my bike on any road, so my bias is definitely towards the “drivers” in this situation, but as much as I hear complaints about drivers, from bike riders, there are as many or more complaints about their bike riding and most of them starting with what I feel are driving fundamentals, regardless of the vehicle, and they are being broken by bike riders, not drivers.

Something else thats been happening alot in Halifax lately, aside from the murder and robberies, and civilian beatings, by thugs is people being hit at cross walks. Cross walks! Thats the one place where people who have to cross roads, should be safe. Apparently not in this city. As often as I’ve seen drivers speeding mindlessly through a flashing cross walk, I’m sure there are also the situations where people think they own the road and will cross wherever the hell they want to regardless of the light colour and/or traffic. So, just recently several people were hit at cross walks. I haven’t heard whether or not the drivers involved were charged, I would assume so, I would HOPE so. In one case a woman was crossing a road, against the light…for her it would have been red. Someone came through the intersection in their car and hit this stupid woman. She ended up in the hospital with a broken leg, but guess what? She was charged with illegally crossing a road! HELL YA! So, for her stupidity, not only did she receive a broken leg but she was also charged!

All this just proves that not only the stupid and mindless people are driving cars. Sometimes they’re walking, and sometimes they’re riding bikes. Being a driver in this city means I have to watch out for all of them.

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