Wild time in the city

Over the weekend here Halifax, a man was murdered. Big deal you may say, its a common thing to happen these days and perhaps you’d be correct, depending on where you are from. Its not all that common here in Halifax. The biggest things to happen around here are teenagers “swarming” people and robbing them and beating them (Oh and that happened this weekend too btw, twice). The murder happened downtown (let me set this up for ya), on Argyle St., where just about every building on that street is some kind of a bar or restaurant AND take into consideration that there are two huge fricken American navy vessels in town to participate in some “maneuvers”, so there are American “Sea-men” everywhere.

According to this news article and according to what I’ve heard on the radio, etc, there was a fight between two women in a bar. It spilled out onto Argyle street where a huge brawl built up, that encompassed over 40 people. The American “Sea-man” apparently tried to break up the fight between the two women and somehow got stabbed by someone whose been charged for doing just that, before. I’ve heard conflicting reports about the police. One report stated that they were just around the corner at “Pizza corner” dealing with some disturbance, and others have reported that it took them over 20 minutes to get to the scene. In any case the sailor was stabbed and pronounced dead at the hospital. They have since released his name, he’s from Florida.

Its a sad day.


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