Women seem to be the “packhorses” of our species!

I know, I know, please don’t be offended by that statement, at least until you hear me out. On my way into work everyday, I see these women carrying loads and loads of bags, laptop cases etc, as well as their purse. The loads sometimes, seems to me to be just crazy. I always tease my wife that she carries bricks in her purse, because when I pick it up, it feels heavy! I can’t imagine carrying such a thing around with me, say in the mall, or out for a walk, and here are these women I see on my way to work not only carrying such a purse, but a huge friggin laptop, plus some other carry-all type of bag, in addition to their gym bag. Wholly crap!

Men are supposed to be bigger and stronger than the women of our species, but sometimes I wonder after seeing displays like that. Perhaps its something to do with the womens hips and in general (different) body structure, compared to men. I mean womens hips are “engineered” for allowing them to be able to carry the children around, that they give birth to, its genetic. Men, supposedly being the stronger of the species physically could not do such things for as long as, nor carry the capacity that the women can, because of this genetic design. We as men could physically lift more at any one time than perhaps the women can, and in some cases likely could (if they really had to) carry more, longer, but for some reason they (we) men, just wouldn’t or don’t. I’m not sure of the reasoning behind that, and lets be honest, I could make some statements as to why but it would come out all wrong and sexist, so I won’t. My statement here is one of pure amazement sometimes at seeing the loads that these women carry. I wouldn’t do it unless I truly “had to”, and for the purposes of simply going to work, carrying all of that shit, everyday, there’s no friggin way! So, why do women do this to themselves? It can’t be good for them, is it? Or do you women think it is somehow making you stronger? I’m not passing judgement here on any of it, just showing my amazement and awe of it…Wow!


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