Movie magic

Doooh’s Picture of the Day
Nowadays whenever you buy a DVD you are graced with alot of material regarding how the movie was made than you would ever see otherwise. At first thought this is great because everyone of us is at least a little bit curious about how they do some of the things they do. I for one find most of that stuff interesting. The technical details of how they make a person fly, or a car, or whatever. Now that I’ve seen alot of them, for many many movies, I’m starting to feel like enough is enough. I’m losing interest in all of that stuff because I’m starting to feel that its taking away from the “magic” of the movie. People all of a sudden will be their own experts in movie production. It will no longer be good enough to create a simple animated movie anymore, for example, because everyone now knows that CGI is better and since everyone has a computer, everyone and their uncle can do it simply and easily. For me it seems to cheapen the whole movie experience. You used to goto the movies to experience something you might never see, but now with alot of the movies also coming out with video games and websites, and advertizing, the whole fun of the movie, “the magic” is lost. Don’t get me wrong, I for one will always think that the techniques used to make the movies will always fascinate and intrigue me, but I don’t want to know all of that at the cost of cheapening the experience of the movie. I would like to nievely believe that the dinosaurs in the Jurasic Park movies were all real and not just some computer animation that you now see everywhere, in video games, advertizing on TV, etc. It makes the movies more fun to experience.


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