The bowels of Walmart

Doooh’s Picture Of the Day

My wife and I were in Walmart over the weekend. We weren’t there looking for anything in particular, just shopping around. We went to Bayers Lake more for me to buy some soft spikes for my golfing shoes, as I was going golfing on Sunday. My golf shoes are well over 20 years old, and still have the steel spikes in them, which aren’t allowed on any golf courses anymore, so I took this opportunity of going golfing, to get them switched out. So I bought some only to discover that they were too big, so now I have to take them back.

So anyways here we were walking around in Walmart, minding our own business, checking out the electronics area, when this lady walks in and goes over to where the batteries were. She’s wearing a pair of those cargo pants, and some black shirt. She wasn’t that good looking but just as my wife and I looked over at her, she bent over and did her best impression of a plumber. My god it was hideous. At least with a plumber all you see is the crack of Gibralter, but with this woman you also got a clear shot of her black thong and guess what ladies and gentlemen…it was not attractive!

3 Responses to “The bowels of Walmart”

  1. Mer Says:

    Yeah Bayers Lake Wal-Mart and it’s parking lot are becoming infamous for such unpleasant occasions.

  2. Phil McCracken Says:

    You got to see the Whale’s Tail!!! Too bad it was an ugly one. LOL

  3. TheCatWhisperer Says:

    OMG 😐 I try to avid the wal-mart/zellers/etc in bayers lake like the plague… I usually only visit the Costco, Futureshop, EB Games & the theatre (and chapters of course!).

    There are too many um… inbreads… in walmart.. even more so in zellers I find …

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