Too much work

Doooh’s Picture of the Day
I’ve been working too much lately and I’m not sure what I’m getting out of it. I spent about 4-5 hours working from home last night. It has helped me out a little this morning with what I’m working on, but I have been so distracted by other things that those benefits that I should be seeing, by doing this work from home hasn’t been noticed yet. Or I don’t think they have transpired yet and the day is almost half over. I’m doing stuff that is at the outer end of my knowledge base with regardes to programming in Java. I just don’t have that core knowledge-base that you can fall back on, so I’m struggling with it, but am progressing albiet slowly which is a major issue. I have to complete this work this week, which if I am successful means that I have taken an extra week than originally estimated which is frustrating enough but to realise that it may not be done by then and considering the work that I have to start next week, which will again take me away from Java once again, which is the crux of the situation I’m now in, and that is not getting enough exposure to Java coding anymore. Things in our codebase are changing to rapidly that I just can’t keep up. Its frustrating.


2 Responses to “Too much work”

  1. HG Says:

    My hat is off to you, Doooh. I can’t imagine how confusing it would be to work with any form of technology today. It seems that stuff is changing and evolving so quickly that it would be virtually impossible to keep up with it all.

  2. dooohhead Says:

    Well HG, whats frustrating is that I’ve never felt that way before, and right now isn’t a good time to start.

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