Bad driving

Doooh’s Picture of the Day
Do you ever notice that everyone who drives is an “expert”? When they talk about their adventures out on the highway, they act like they are the authority on how to drive. Its their rules that everyone else on the road must abide by, not the “actual” rules of the road. And typically you can’t tell someone like this anything. Trying to enlighten someone like this about what the real rules of the road might be, no matter how substantiaited the proof is that you can produce is like pissing into the wind and hoping not to get wet. Cabbies are the worst for this. They figure that since they are on the road as much as they are, that they are the epitomy of what a driver should be. I happen to, on my travels back and forth from work and home, drive around alot of cabbies on their way back and forth from the airport. For the most part I give them the benefit of the doubt that they are “professional drivers” and as such, I have some rather high expectations of them on the road, unfortunately they always let me down. And on simple things too, like using a signal when changing lanes. It just never happens

Murphy’s law of the road: “No matter how fast you think you’re going, there’s always someone behind you waiting to go faster”


2 Responses to “Bad driving”

  1. Phil McCracken Says:

    Obviously you haven’t ridden with me because I AM THE BEST DRIVER IN THE WORLD!!!

    Just kidding…

  2. HG Says:

    Nah, I am the best driver in the world!!

    As for speed, I’m finding myself slowing down to save gas now. I keep hearing it will boost my mileage, so I’m willing to give it a try!!

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