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Having a pretty busy morning so far. I stopped on the way in to work, to the dealership where we purchased our new car and took it in for an oil change. The car has a little information display in it, and when I took it out on Saturday it started telling me that it required an oil change. I think we’re about a month or two ahead of their schedule (for vehicle maintenance) but taking that trip to Toronto put over 5,000 Km’s on it that otherwise wouldn’t have been there. Of course I stopped driving it when we got back from our trip, in to work, as that was putting way too many Km’s on it, but now that my wife is back working its going to get some, but less than half of what I would put on it if I took it.

I discovered that I enjoy playing badminton. My wife purchased one of those “sets” containing a net, the rackets, the whole works, including a volley ball. We set that up outside. The net is huge. Its made to accommodate volley ball too (as well as badminton) so its like 15-20 feet long. My wife and I went out the other day and I had alot of fun playing. We discovered also that my son is practically an expert at it. He said he just about failed gym class at school, but what kept him from not failing was his badminton playing. We never knew, he never told us he had any kind of an interest in it. Anyways, short and sweet today…

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  1. HG Says:

    Badmitten is fun!!! So is volleyball, but I’m way partial to that sport. I’m a total junkie..*L*

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