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Every one of us does it every day, comminucate that is, and we all do it in a variety of ways. The telephone, talking, writing, email, Instant Messaging, there are many forms of communicating. So why aren’t all forms of communicating as easy as talking on the telephone? Just about everyone has a phone and they communicate on it. Its a simple device, the technology around it is fairly simple, why is communicating by email and instant messaging so complex in comparison? To use those forms of commincation, you have to have a special machine that itself is very complex. You need special software, that you have to purchase (an operating system, like Windows XP) and thats only the half of it. You then have to purchase a service that allows you to get on the internet, which involves someone coming to your house and installing the necessary cables, connections, modems, etc, very similarily to the installation of a phone line but with more complex cabling and devices. Once you’re connected to the Internet you have to figure out how to use the machine (the PC) and the software installed on it (the Operating System), figure out how to “connect” your machine to the internet, then figure out how to sign up for a free email service like Yahoo, or MSN/Hotmail or AOL (any of which you could possibly have to pay for as well) and of course, depending on the one you sign up for, you have to install their software to allow you to get your email, or to send Instant messages. With a phone, a guy comes to your house, runs a wire from a pole to your basement (typically) then runs a few wires from that spot in your basement to several places throughout your house, where he conveniently places a phone jack, into which you can put any kind of a phone that you can get just about anywhere for meer pennies. The service you pay is relatively cheap, per month and typically is always available no matter what the weather conditions are outside. Its always “connected”, to use it you pick up the handset and press a few buttons. The wiring for it consists of 4 single-core copper wires that are used in pairs, so the simplest form of this wire allows you to have two distinct phone numbers in your house. Aaaah you say, the internet cabling isn’t much different, and in some cases uses said phone wiring, but then there is also the “TV cable” wire, which is even more simpler, it consists of one single-core copper wire, wrapped with a braided outer shell of a wire and on it not only goes your internet connection, but all of your TV channels. Wow you’re thinking, thats pretty good isn’t it? Whats the big deal? Whats the difference? The difference is in the machine that you have to use, compared to the phone to be able to use such forms of communication, the PC. Its too complex, the infrastructure involved for using it (connecting to the internet), is too varried and complex and again compared to the phone service is way more expensive especially when you account for the PC itself.

Aaah, but now we have cell phones, where we can now get a phone call from just about anywhere and now the service behind that is connecting to the internet thus allowing these cell phones to be able to be connected to it, and slowly these forms of communication (email and IM) are becoming available from those devices. So if our cell phones, which itself is a fairly cheap thing to own as they give the phones away for the most part, and the service, can be relatively inexpensive (depending on how you use it) can and will be used for alot of the forms of communication that we all like to do nowadays (talk, email and text/IM) what then is the purpose of our PC’s. If we were to think about our daily activities involved around our computers and were to eliminate the email/IM usage, what do we use it for? Many would say for gaming and working with photo’s/videos, etc. I for one work on it everyday, writing code for online applications, none of which has anything to do with communicating (necessarily). Its making the computer get back to what I consider, its roots, it being nothing more than a tool to help you perform a certain task.

Lets go back to the communications aspect of all of this again. The email/IM usage is becoming so commonplace these days, the tools which you use to access those forms of communication are getting easier to use and access so why is it so obscure to have/use email? I mean a gazillion people have a gazillion more email addresses, most of their names have no relationship to the owner in any way, look at mine for example…”doooh_head” How does one know thats “me”? I’m starting to beleive that people, when they are born, not only should be provided with a proof of birth, but an email address from which the rest of the entire world will know is related specifically to you. Oh ya, I realise that this kind of “imprinting” conjures up all sorts of bad things like “Big Brother” knowing everything about you, where you go, what you do and who you talk to etc, but it makes the whole idea of communicating a whole lot easier and I’m wondering if we’re heading in that direction now anyways. The Internet used to be that fun, secrete thing that you could access and do whatever you want without any repurcussions because everyone was a “virtual person” on it. Nowadays with big business involved, everything is commercialized, and they want to know who you are and where you shop, and what you buy etc, so they are devising ways of linking your obscure email address to a real person, so it actually is already happening. I say we take that final leap and keep/use a specific email address that relates specifically to yourself and thats it. No switching, no creating new ones. Whats the big deal? I think I’ve had one of my email addresses for well over 10 years now.

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One Response to “Communicating”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    You make a number of interesting points here Doooh.
    I’m all for low-tech, especially after sleeping in a hoochie in the woods for a few nights, you soon learn that life is actually better when the high-tech elements of life are out of your life. I don’t doubt that living where you do, you know more about that than me tho!
    As for the email address for life, I kind of agree, providing the spam issue could be dealt with. I have had one email address – which I regard as my main personal email – for over 6 years now, and it’s currently running at about 88% spam. I know this because I was forced to sign up for simply because I was literally being swamped by the stuff after the address being in circulation for so long.
    If that issue can be dealt with, then it certainly makes sense.
    Anyway, good post dude!

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