Its a dogs world

Doooh’s Picture of the day:
Its a dogs world for me, apparently. Dogs always brighten your day no matter how horrible you are feeling. They are always there for you, they need you, the depend on you. They don’t care if you’re mad, or glad, or sad, they are there to alter whatever feelings you are currently experiencing and to focus your “good feelings” on them, thus distracting you from your woes. Sometimes they are a pain in the ass, but everyone’s life is made better in their presence. This entry is not dedicated to dogs, but the pictures included are. The second picture you will recognize the two dogs that are part of our household, thats Cloe and Rollie. They are brother and sister. The first picture of the black dog is, believe it or not, another sibling from the same litter. This is my Mother’s dog, Babe.

There were six puppies in that litter, there was Rollie, Cloe, Babe, Beothovan, Curly and Moe. Of course we gave Babe to my Mother, kept Cloe and Beothovan, gave away Rollie, Curly and Moe. Moe was my favorite, he didn’t look anything like the rest of them. He had long legs with a grey colour to him. He looked alot like a German Shephard. He’s dead. We gave him to an old lady and he got out one day and got hit by a car. Curly we gave to a family who lived on a farm. We visited him once and the last we heard he was still alive and kicking. He was about the same size as the rest of them but was black with thick curly fur. Beothovan we kept, but he is dead. The dogs went off into the woods one day and he never came back. Rollie we gave away to a neighbour but he kept getting loose and coming back, eventually we realized he wasn’t being cared for so we kept him. Cloe is the suckie of the litter. She goes where ever my wife goes, which means she and Rollie too, came camping with us this past weekend. It was actually a very fun weekend and the weather was the best we could have expected. We had one of those 4 person dome-style tents, and in it we crammed 4 people plus the two dogs. The first night everytime I looked to my left, instead of seeing my wife, I saw Cloe. She slept between us, on top of the sleeping bag, so not only was she there, but she held the covers for ransom. I was hanging on the edge of the air mattress, almost rolling onto my son who was asleep next to me and I barely had enough of the sleeping bag covering me, and it was frickin cold. The next night was much better, I slept against the side of the tent, my wife next to me, Cloe was next to her, then my sons girlfriend and then my son, who had Rollie sleeping at his feet. It was cramped, hey, so we didn’t go “camping”, we went “cramping”…LOL, ok that was bad, I’m done.

3 Responses to “Its a dogs world”

  1. Phil McCracken Says:

    You need a bigger tent…or a seperate doggie tent.

  2. Mer Says:

    When we took Bonny camping she started off by sleeping curled up by Matt’s head. He was woken up in the middle of the night by her shivering so he open his sleeping bag, Bon scooted in and slept at the bottom of Matt’s sleeping bag till the morning. She really likes smothering herself, if she gets in our bed she buries herself under the duvet. Funny puppy.

  3. HG Says:

    Ignore Phil, you can’t get a doggie tent because the dogs will get lonely and howl all night for you!!! You just need a bigger tent!! : )

    Did you build the beer pyramid??? How was the camping adventure (other than doggie and cold)??

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