this week

This week has been a pretty busy week (when hasn’t it been a busy week??). We’ve decided that we want to go camping this coming long weekend, so we pulled out the ol’ tent to check on its condition. It was rotten. It fell apart in our hands when we took it out of the page it was in. Its one of those old Woods canvas 9×9 tents with a plastic floor. Well surprisingly it was the plastic floor that had rotted away. So I came home tuesday and my wife had been out shopping, she had purchased a new 9×9 tent, but it was one of those smaller dome-style tents as well as a 10×10 screen-house. The dome tent got setup and the kids slept in it the other night only to have been chased inside by a huge thunder and lightening storm that rolled through the area. We then discovered that we only have two sleeping bags. My son and his girlfriend (and the two dogs) were going to be coming along too, so she went out and got a new sleeping bag. Then she bought a solar powered LED lantern, more flashlights, then some camping cutlerycutlery and wiener-roasting/marsmallow cooking extendable forks. I had also seen, while looking through the sales flyers that Canadian Tire was selling a car stereo for a cheaper price than Walmart (I couldn’t believe such a thing could happen!?!) so she ended up buying that for me too. See the car I drive (not the nice new one) only had an AM/FM Cassette stereo in it, and this new car stereo was a CD player that also played MP3’s, etc. I asked her if she had won the lottery or something, she said no, but in other, related news, she did get a job, which she starts next wednesday, so I think Mr. CreditCard is getting a workout until then. So last night we took the two air mattresses that we have and put them into the tent to see how everything was going to fit. Oh it fit alright, but its pretty close-quarters and then couple that with the two dogs…oh my son isn’t going to like it! We checked out the small barbeque and made sure it worked. I dug out the old camping stove and it still seemed to function alright. I couldn’t find the old propane lantern that we used to have so we’ll have to make due with only this solar powered one. I’m actually looking forward to this weekend, I think it’ll be fun.

I had my new car stereo installed. It works well. I tried out the MP3 playing ability this morning and it seemed to function as advertized. I’m still not totally familiar with the operation of it completely yet, so I was guessing on how to move to the next track, etc and I figured out how to put it on random. In any case its what I needed in the car, the ability to listen to something different if I so desire, although, it just so happens that there has been a whole gaggle of new radio stations starting up here in Halifax recently and I’ve yet to thoroughly listen to any of them to see if they’re any good. Oh well, after I’m bored with my new car stereo and listening to my CD’s, I’ll listen to them.

Back to the camping. We’re going camping at a little place not too far away. My wife found it on the internet, I think, and booked a campsite alongside a lake in a tenting only area. It sounds like they have lots to do there, but likely it’ll give us some time to check out the surrounding area and the town nearby. We’ve driven by it many many times but haven’t spent any time in it (its Windsor NS). I hear the weather is supposed to cooperate so that’ll be nice. We’ll have to bring lots of beer, maybe we’ll make the ol’ beer pyramid…haven’t done that in a long time.

The pictures of the two flowers were taken at my Mothers house. I like them, I think they turned out well.

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  1. Phil McCracken Says:

    It looks like I’ll be out on the camping trail as well. Some friends of mine are planning at trip up to Hermit Island in Maine weekend after next and I think I’ll be joining them for a few days.

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